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Bermuda Dunes is a pleasant unincorporated community and home to around 8,000 residents who prefer living in a laid-back environment with beautiful weather. Those living here never need to get bored because the area offers off-road trails, sports stadiums and many more things to do.

If you live here or run a business in the area, keeping an eye out for termites, rodents, spiders, and other pests is vital. Pests can cause problems if you let them get too close to your property. The good news is that Dunphy's ExtermaPest will have your back the second you call for help.

Residential Pest Control

You seal the cracks in your walls and install screens to keep unwanted invaders at bay. Despite your effort, pests still manage to get inside your home and cause trouble. If you don't want rodents chewing on your wires or termites eating your home, we can help.

Our team of professionals will come to your location and protect your home from the pests that have been causing trouble. We will even do what it takes to prevent the pests from coming back once we get rid of them, and you will have peace of mind.

Commercial Pest Control

Running a business is no small task because you have a range of issues to manage and contain. Even though you face many challenges, pest outbreaks that get out of hand are some of the worst you will encounter. These invaders can scare your customers away and make your reputation take a hit.

In addition to causing you to lose customers, pests that invade your business can trigger fines from your local health department. Our team won't let pests hurt your business or your profit because they have the needed tools and knowledge to do the job right. Ask for our help, and we will rid your property of pests before you know it.


Those who come to us want to know the types of pests we treat, and we are proud to contain almost any invader that stands in your way:

Getting Started

If you want to work with a team of experts who will have your back from start to finish, Dunphy's ExtermaPest is the solution you need. Our team will go to your property and inspect it for invaders of all types so that we can craft a viable approach.

Boasting 20 years of experience, our pest control company can provide you with impressive results at a fair price that will make you smile. We are passionate about treating pests and helping people protect their property from the problems they cause. If you have additional questions or are ready to begin, pick up your phone and give our friendly team a call.

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