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If you are like many people, you dread the moment you have an unexpected encounter with a venomous spider, especially a black widow. These pests can show up when you least expect them and cause a range of problems that you will want to avoid if you care about your health. Learning about black widows and what you can expect when they are near will work wonders for preventing the threat and staying out of harm's way. If you are serious about keeping these unwelcome guests away from your property, discover what ExtermaPest can do for you.

Black Widow Behavior

Putting in the effort to learn about black widow behavior is a smart move that will point you in the right direction. These spiders are shy and will do their best to avoid human contact because they are afraid of people. You will likely find them in your closets, behind furniture and in your basement.

Although they are not aggressive, they will bite if you disturb them, such as stepping on them by accident. Many people believe that the bite of a black widow will result in death, but that is not the case. Except for people who have an allergic reaction to the venom, black widow bites are painful but not deadly.

Our Treatment Process

Reviewing our treatment process and how we will approach the invaders will give you a clear picture of why you should turn to us for your pest control needs. First, we have armed our trucks with 50-gallon tanks and 300-foot hoses so that we can treat your entire yard, not just your walkways and doors. Treating your entire yard will remove spiders and prevent future infestations. We will inspect your property and pay attention to areas that are the most likely to attract black widows and other spiders. Our goal is to show you that you are in good hands and to give you peace of mind.

Your Needs Are Important to Our Team

We feel honored that you are considering us for your pest control needs and will do what it takes to keep you happy. We offer scheduled treatment programs so that you can ensure spiders won't come to your home to make trouble. You can reach out to us if you find spiders between our scheduled treatments, and we will solve the problem at no additional charge. At ExtermaPest, we know you care about your health and well-being, which is why the chemicals we use are compliant with the Proposition 65 list, meaning that all chemicals used by us have the lowest effective toxicity. The technicians at Dunphy's have been trained to apply all chemicals safely and effectively, and they continue to train and take classes to ensure these chemicals are dealt with properly. The black widows on your property or in your home won't have a chance when our team stands in your corner.

Taking Action

If you have spotted black widows or other harmful spiders near your property, now is the time to take action. You can pick up your phone and give us a call, and our team will answer your questions and address your concerns. Since we value those who come to us for help and support, we will not take shortcuts when it comes to getting rid of the spiders that have been bothering you, and you will be pleased when you see what we can do.

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